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What's New

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On-site Workshops for Evacuees

During the war, A-CAT staff conducted on-site interactive workshops in 3D Printing, Photography, and Videography for displaced children and youth from the south and north.


Distributing Board Games & Kits for Displaced Youth

The center's staff have distributed more than 200 board game kits purchased through a special fund-raising effort organized by A-CAT. They were distributed through evacuees' centers with citizens from all over the north and south:

The Ministry of Education, the Akko Municipality Welfare Department, Community Centers and directly to the families in need.

Built by NICAT staff and youth ambassadors, the studio is designed to serve the loc al communities at times of escalation in the security situation. After the war broke out, the Municipality of Akko approached us with the need to broadcast important updates, news, and announcements that benefit the communities of Akko and Western Galilee. With the help of our young ambassadors, we produced a live broadcast for the community at this time of distress and uncertainty.

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Emergency Studio

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A-CAT's 7-Years Anniversary

A small event to mark 7 years of successful work, and honors all of those who are part of A-CAT, proving that we are stronger than all differences, and with our unity, we can impact our community, especially during these times of need.

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:Graduation Ceremony

Nail Building


Even during the difficult days we are all going through, Jewish and Arab participants have bonded, collaborated and built friendships, proving that we are stronger when we stand together.

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Youth Summer Program

at A-CAT

Youth collaborate and communicate together in Arabic and Hebrew, take photos together, create in 3D printing and participate in fun activities, experiencing a great summer.

הסיפור של איי-קאט הוא דוגמא....תמונה ראשונה.jpg

A-CAT’s Six-Year Anniversary

"A-CAT's story is more than a model for our nation, it should be the standard to which we aspire," said President Yitzhak Herzog at the Mega event ; A-CAT’s six years anniversary. It marked four years of successful partnership with USAID - United States Agency for International Development, and purchasing a permanent home for A-CAT with the help of our great supporters. Our partners and friends, from Israel and across the seas have joined our celebrations, representatives from the embassy and religious leaders joined this evening which included blessings and a musical performance by the East and West Jerusalem Orchestra with Mira Awad.


Delegations Visiting A-CAT

A delegation from Hungary visited A-CAT as part of the Partnership2Gether Dallas-Western Galilee, the guests heard about A-CAT's vision and how we operate as one of the few organizations that support shared society. Naim Obeid, the CEO of A-CAT, gave a welcome speech, presented the center and the USAID programs, as a mechanism for the advancing shared society in the northern region.

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Abstract and beyond Gallery

Oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, by the artist Rimon Badin

Born in 1958 and raised in Akko, to a family whose originally from the village of Kfar Bar'am in the Galilee. Discovered his talent at a relatively late age and focused on realistic and abstract plastic arts, relying on individual learning, diligence, and love of art.

Since then, his art has been displayed in many exhibitions in Israel and abroad, among others at the "Masraheed" Festival in Akko, the "Art and Beauty" Festival in Jordan, and the "Akko Through the Eyes of Painters" festival.

In the current exhibition, Badin presents his paintings on diverse subjects, most of them in acrylic colors and some painted in oil.

What does a dream come true to look like? Noor Abu-Doula dreamed of opening a café house that would combine good food with art workshops and exhibitions of young artists. 

Recently, after she completed her studies at the Center in the "Entrepreneurship and Management of a Tourism Business vocational training she opened "Kofi Pan" in an ancient building in the village of Yarka.

“I am attracted to beautiful places with a rich cultural background, because you will get a chance to learn about people and bring society to a better place. Studying at A-CAT gave me the tools to earn a job, and the courage to make my dream come true."

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Success Story

520 משתתפים מ-12 בתי ספר.jpg

Graduation Ceremonies

410 participants from 24 schools completed their studies at A-CAT this year, in two impressive graduation ceremonies attended by many family members, friends, and schools staff members. We were thrilled to see the great interaction between the students, who showcased their photography art crafts in a special exhibition held at the center.

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