צוות מרכז איי-קאט

Maya Lahat
Operations Manager
An experienced manager of colleges and professional training centers, skilled in managing and training employees with ongoing professional guidance. Her Knowledge and experience are reflected in the improvement in previous positions she has held in the construction of work plans and in their implementation from the force to action. By setting an agenda, promoting projects and motivating people to meet goals. Holds a bachelor's degree from the Department of Communication and a master's degree from the Department of Statistics, University of Haifa.
Naim Obeid
Naim Obeid is a lifelong resident of Akko, Israel, Naim, a sound engineer, is the founder and owner of an acoustic design firm that owns and operates a music production and professional sound studio. Naim is active in many community organizations around the city. He is a board member of the Akko Conservatory of Music and a founding member of "Keshet", an Arab/Jewish community leadership council. In 2015 Naim joined the board of the NICAT organization and played a leading role in the process of building the A-CAT Center.
Mark S. Frank
President and Chairman
President and Chair of the Akko Center for Arts and Technology (A-CAT). In this position, Mr. Frank is the lead for all development efforts for A-CAT.   Mark is responsible for working with community non-profits and for-profit corporations to build a Center that will bring Israeli Arabs and Jews together to learn and train in a culturally inclusive, collaborative and nurturing atmosphere infused with innovation, creativity and cutting-edge technology.
Mirit Strumza 
Media Manager
Mirit is an active member of various social and cultural groups promoting coexistence in Akko. She is a freelance journalist for the Yedioth Tikshoret Communications Group, and a published author. Her book “Akko – the Legend and Story” was published by the Akko Municipality. Mirit, an experienced marketing and public relations writer, is a graduate of the University of Haifa.
Tzameret Ben Shlush
Program Coordinator
Tzameret is an experienced office manager, and has held various administrative positions throughout her career. She brings experience in training, and working with government institutions. Tzameret is a graduate of the University of Haifa.
Maisaa Marzuq
Compliance Officer
Holds a bachelor's degree in English with a specialization in management and business administration. Experienced in initiating and managing projects in the field of international relations. A representative in the JPB Program at Cambridge University in England on behalf of the Embassy. Also, oxford University graduate in International Entrepreneurship Management. Now, she is a M.Sc. student in International Relations and Diplomacy Studies at Haifa University. Among her positions, a representative in multicultural projects, a translator into various languages, a finance manager assistant, and a coordinator in a program for leadership's development.
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Michal Shimoni
 Photography Coordinator

Professional videographer and educator. Vast experience in managment and teaching of youth and children special education programs.  B.Ed. in Education and Film Studies from Kibbutzim Academic College. Worked as a videographer in multiple Israeli television large-scale productions.  Owner of privet videography and photography studio.

Ahmad Masri
 Video Production Instructor
Born in Akko, a graduate of film and television studies at Tel Aviv University. A producer, director, film, and television photographer, with many years of experience in Israeli and international film productions, including educational television. Ahmad worked as a lecturer and teacher of film and television in various frameworks.
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Nabila abu-hamam
Experienced in catering and a variety of other positions in the private sector.  She is also experienced in organizing and working collaboratively with staff. She is engaged in the Akko community and its various sectors.
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Rony Machoul
Head Instructor , 3D Printing
A manufacturing technologist with 14 years of experience in computerized machining and designing.
Holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Haifa and a master's degree in natural and environmental resource management, not to mention, he is an architecture and interior designer.
Munir Kazmuz
Photography Instructor
After many years of working as a banker, large factory maintenance is Abrahem's second career.  He has a bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Management, a banking diploma, and has completed many banking and accounting training courses. Abrahem is also a car examiner.
Abrahem Kondos
Building superintendent
After many years of working as a banker, large factory maintenance is Abrahem's second career.  He has a bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Management, a banking diploma, and has completed many banking and accounting training courses. Abrahem is also a car examiner.
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Ron Shalom
An accountant and CFO with a master's degree (MBA) in financial management and certified in accounting. An expert in the technological market in Israel and internationally. He manages a large accounting firm, in addition, manages financials at leading associations and companies in the country. An expert in fundraising and in building budgets and business strategies.
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Eran Gilvarg
Head Instructor, Video and film production
The head of the program, a photographer, and video editor. Formerly he worked as a photographer in leading newspapers and major news TV channels. Owns a studio for videography.
Rania Hawa
Administrative Assistant
 Rania is experienced in a team coordinating and working with a diverse audience in the field of sales and service. For years, she gained and cumulated experience in assisting and meeting the needs of the public and working with diverse sectors.