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תערוכת "שיח תרבותי" - האמן וליד קשאש

The exhibition of works by the artist Walid Kashash, opened in February 2020,

Curator: Rachel Zemer

"The value of the painting and the work does not lie in the content that the artist chooses to present, but in the feelings that the work evokes in the viewer," says the artist Walid Kashash, "for me. I look for ways to get away from reality and create something out of nothing. I liken the work of art to pregnancy and childbirth: it begins as a small thing, as a growing fetus until the moment of birth. In this process I invest many hours and work nights and days. "We acknowledge the existence of an imaginary world and a fantasy. The artist pours all his love into the works and imprints his mark on them."

Walid Kashash was born in Acre in 1957 and lived there all his life; His works are scattered throughout the city and have been shown in exhibitions around the world, and his taste is also evident in the apartment where he lives, which he designed himself. To him, art is a combination of authentic rhythm and innovative creativity: "The self-search in modern society adds to the mental conflict that the Arab artist feels. In my opinion, there is no political artist but a political painting. I search for and next to the artist "And I'm constantly searching for everything new. When my artistic work ends, the dialogue I have with the result begins, and I feel a deep connection to the work of art."

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