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Industrial Quality Assurance and Control program

Occupational integration in the industry field

Up-to-date knowledge and practical skills

A vocational program tailored for the needs of the local industries

It is one of the most important and essential  fields in the industry, engaged in studying the process that guarantees that the product meets the quality criteria set for it. The program  provides wide variety of equipment and in-depth knowledge in the field, while training the students for the required  profession in all industries, which is a relevant start point for meeting the market needs and career building. Many women successfully join this profession.


The studying and working environment is esthetic and pleasant. The studying programs are tailored for the needs of the local industries, based on cooperation with the local enterprises, and as a result, occupational assistance is available upon graduation.

supervised by the Israel Quality Assurance Center

ISO 9002, inspection and measurement, including the standard

Training for operation, monitoring, and manufacturing positions

Measurements and engineering drawing reading

Adjusted for the labor's needs

Requirements: personal interview

Where: A-CAT Center, Akko

When: twice a week in the afternoon

Full price: NIS 5,000

Fee for participant: NIS 600, for suitable candidates

Number of meetings: 55

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