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Welcome to the

A-CAT Center

A Center for Arts and Technology, which promotes a shared society in the North of Israel by providing professional vocational training programs in various fields in a cutting-edge learning environment . Adults and youth, Jews and Arabs are exposed to high-level, professional and educational opportunities and to a place for dreams to come true.

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News and Events in A-CAT


A journey of a lifetime from South America to Israel, in a beautiful exhibition of paintings that opened at the A-CAT Center this week.

The center is open from Sunday to Thursday between 8:00 and 20:00 , and you are welcome to visit


Get to know the future senior accountants. Another well-invested and high-quality accounting program started at ACAT and prepares the students for a new and promising career. Good luck from all of us!


we are proud to start the year with the opening of an accounting program, two nail-building programs, another pedicure program, and two make-up programs, which will open very soon

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