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A Center for Arts and Technology, which promotes a shared society in the North of Israel by providing professional vocational training programs in various fields in a cutting-edge learning environment . Adults and youth, Jews and Arabs are exposed to high-level, professional and educational opportunities and to a place for dreams to come true.

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News and Events in A-CAT


Just before the makeup program ends and our students build themselves a successful career...

a final practice lesson of all the methods taught by the excellent instructor Ella Liani


Preparing for the Zumo Akko exhibition: the ambassadors of the A-CAT  are building a sculpture with the artist Nitai Halup, for the exhibition that opened this month.


And all this happens in partnership with USAID - United States  Agency for International Development.


After four months of intensive and professional training in the nail building program, the moment of truth has come: the last meeting of our students, in a practical and theoretical test. good luck!

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