ACAT is also proud to serve as a cultural meeting place for the community. As part of our community activities, we hold changing exhibitions in the Center's gallery. These exhibitions are related to the web of life in our region and include ACAT  students' work.

"Wings" Exhibition

A new community connection was launched at ACAT at the opening of the "Wings" exhibition of 23 artists from Kfar Vradim. Paintings, drawings, crocheted and sculpted works were exhibited at the opening ceremony that included a performance by the "Balance" Dance Group from Kfar Vradim and music played by the Kfar Vradim Music Conservatory ensemble. Warm reception speeches were delivered by the respective mayors and guest artists. This is part of the unique "Full STEAM Ahead" program that we operate in partnership with USAID, the United States Agency for International Development.

Curator: Miriam Stern

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