Vocational training dedicated to the unemployed

We have adapted our plans to the crisis, affecting the labor market. So, we pay the most attention to the professional training programs for adults, and the aim is to create job opportunities and livelihood. We have added new programs - including locksmith, Pedicure and Manicure – these are available to all Galilee residents at a subsidized price. Many communities in the north have already collaborated with us for their residents' benefits. Following the increase in the scope of work, we changed our marketing strategy, and today it is addressed in a variety of advertising channels to a broader audience.

Checking professional training with factories

We have contacted local industries to map employment opportunities, to adapt our training to their needs, and focus on the job requirements. In conclusion, the variety of our current professional programs in the beauty, technology and industry is more relevant than ever.

More news:

A-CAT Center has set up a forum to strengthen hospitality businesses in the north

the forum is intended for entrepreneurs in the field of tourism in Akko and the Galilee and provided zoom meetings with professional guidelines to think together about ways to deal with the corona crisis and come up with ideas to start tourism. The group discusses collaborations and establishes a business network in the recovering tourism industry to upgrade the work and strengthen Western Galilee opportunities.

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