Peki'in artists were first presented at the exhibition at the ACAT Center

A group of women from Peqi'in, that are engaged in the preservation of traditional Druze handmade craft artwork, created and sat up a venture called "Thread and Needle". They were given a chance and an opportunity to present their art in their first exhibition at the ACAT center; a stage for Jewish and Arab artists. The women create useful art crafts hence strengthening the status of women, helping in supporting their families and encouraging tourism in the Galilee area, by conducting workshops for women in their village and tourists. 


They meet every Tuesday in an old building that belongs to the Chilwa, the Druze praying place, and together they embroider, knit, exchange ideas and knowledge. In addition, some of the women's work that was on display has been sold, and the money has been delivered to the women, in order to support them and encourage them to continue their work. Many Druze women from the village came to the opening of the exhibition to support their friends, and the head of the council declared it as the beginning of social change.

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