ACAT is also proud to serve as a cultural meeting place for the community. As part of our community activities, we hold changing exhibitions in the Center's gallery. These exhibitions are related to the web of life in our region and include ACAT  students' work.

"Cultural Discourse" - Walid Ashash

Exhibition curator: Miriam Stern

​​"The value of the painting and the work does not lie in the content the artist chooses to display, rather in the emotions that the work evokes in the viewer," says the artist Walid Ashash."For me, what matters is that the work will touch the viewers' emotions; it is less important that they understand the work. The artist is a person who looks into the depths of the imagination, searching within it, Iooking for ways to get away from reality and creates something out of nothing.  I compare creating the art to pregnancy and childbirth: it begins as something small, as a growing fetus until the moment of birth. I invest many hours in this process, working day and night. It is possible to create reality from the imagination and turn the fantasy into reality on condition we acknowledge the existence of imaginary and fantasy worlds. The artist pours all his love into the work and seals his mark within.


Walid Ashash was born in Akko in 1957 and has lived there all his life.  His works are displayed throughout the city and have been exhibited around the world. His taste is also evident in his apartment, which he designed himself. To him, art is a combination of authentic rhythm and innovative creativity: "Self-searching in modern society adds to the mental conflict that the Arab artist feels. In my opinion, there is no political artist rather a political painting.  I look for Walid the artist among the colors, the wood, the iron and other materials, and am  constantly searching for anything new. When my artwork ends - the dialogue I conduct with the result begins, and I feel a deep connection to the work of art. "