Short-film production course

Feeling the movement of the camera in the powerful medium of cinema, determining frame size, brightness, angle of filming and focus. Producing video clips and telling your story. If you're dreaming of learning the field, we're waiting for you with a course that encourages the development of creative thought and expression, together with an empowering personal and social experience.


In our short-film course, students learn to shoot and edit video at cinema level and how to tell a story using film. During the course students practice visual language and composition, acquire technical mastery of the camera, learn video and sound editing. We visit interesting locations, utilize drones for filming, and edit materials in an advanced studio equipped with computers and K4 cameras.


The course stimulates an interesting encounter between the students, a meeting of differing and contrasting cultures in which young people from the two communities film documentary material, create an idea and communicate it to the world by way of the camera. As part of the process, students apply their talents and values to strengthen the community and influence their surroundings.