Quality assurance and control is one of most in-demand professions in the industrial space, and the demand for qualified employees in this profession has been on the rise for several years. Obtaining professional training and practical experience in this field opens up many exciting opportunities for job seekers.


During the course, students will gain in-depth knowledge and tools that will qualify them for entry jobs in the industrial space, allowing them to start a new career with many growth opportunities. Quality assurance and control is a gender-neutral profession and we’re seeing more women enter this professional field in the past years.


The course curriculum is designed in collaboration with factories in the region, to meet industry requirements. Graduates are provided with assistance in job placement.


The course includes ISO 9000, quality assurance measurements, technical drawing and more.


Pre-requirements: 12-year education


The course takes place at the A-CAT center, and is a collaboration with the Akko Municipality and the Erez College, and sponsored and supervised by the Israel Society for Quality. Graduates receive certificates from all three organizations.