New courses are starting


Two beauty profession courses are starting this week at the ACAT  Center – professional makeup and nail building. Another group of future entrepreneurs is starting out and we will be there to accompany them until they start their own independent business.


Youth Activities at A-CAT


​Inter cultural brain storming at ACAT – our students are formulating an idea to shoot a stop motion movie in mixed groups.

Outcomes at the next meeting

This is part of the unique "Full STEAM Ahead" program that we operate in partnership with USAID, the United States Agency for International Development.


Opening of the fifth Tourism & Hospitality Entrepreneurship Course


This week the fifth course "Entrepreneurship and Management of Hospitality Business" opened at ACAT. The course is fascinating, tailored specifically to residents of the North and offers generous scholarships to eligible candidates.


Wings Exhibition


A new community connection was launched at ACAT at the opening of the "Wings" exhibition of 23 artists from Kfar Vradim. Paintings, drawings, crocheted and sculpted works were exhibited at the opening ceremony that included a performance by the "Balance" Dance Group from Kfar Vradim and music played by the Kfar Vradim Music Conservatory ensemble.

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Winter Excursion


ACAT students from the course "Entrepreneurship and Management of Hospitality Business visited friends in the Galilee: "Idan Ha Pri",(sweets from nature), Moshav Betzet which produces a range of naturally  dried fruits. From there we continued on to Peki'in, to Rassan Salah's Asalalnor Visitor's Center, to Safa's visitor's center for flower making workshops and to "Safta Gamila" (Gamila secret) We met people involved in tourism and social activities; specifically characteristic of the Galilee, enjoyed excellent hospitality and received advice on cooperation and development, and returned enthralled. Thanks to all our partners along the way.


A touching breakup from the girls "worm home" in Yarka


We went to hand out the end of course certificates, and we found our selves in the middle of an exciting party full of happiness, a royal feast was waiting for us, along with worm goodbyes and farewell letters. But for us it is not an end, it is just a new beginning.


The first graduation ceremony

Thursday, 6.13.2019, at 19:00


It's happening again! A graduation ceremony marking the end of an amazing year that brought together people, technology and creativity. So much activity at the A-CAT  center, revolving around a common world vision.

We are proud of you, our wonderful graduates and we are already working on preparing the next stage, with lots of new interesting topics and challenges. All of this is part of our unique "Full STEAM Ahead" program, sponsored by USAID, the American Agency for International Development.


A-CAT Youth special activity


We took the ACAT students out to experience a day full of challenging tasks, focused on cooperation, teamwork, integration and attentiveness. We assigned them the task of writing the name of the Center in a human chain ... and the result is for you to judge.

This is all part of  the unique "Full STEAM Ahead " program that we operate in partnership with USAID, the United States Agency for International Development.


Youth Workshops


This week ACAT held a workshop on "recognizing the other"- because we believe that getting to know one another is the basis of shared society. Our students split into pairs according to common topics and created portraits of one another. This is part of the unique "Full STEAM Ahead" program that we operate in partnership with USAID, the United States Agency for International Development.


"Needle and Thread" Exhibition


Eighteen women from Peki'in meet every Tuesday in an ancient house in the village; together they embroider, knit and preserve traditional Druze works using beads and  braided straw. They established the "Needle and Thread," project which strengthens women's status and their ability to earn a living, while simultaneously encouraging tourism in the Galilee.

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Makeup course at ACAT during health restrictions and instructions


Still following instructions of the ministry of health, even when the masks are on, the students at ACAT's makeup course are still learning all the profession basics, they are being provided with the necessary tools for a professional work in the field of makeup and beauty.    


ACAT's youth for the community


ACAT's youth are shooting promotional videos for various businesses.

 They are shooting promotional videos for various tourism and hospitality businesses. They are active again, enthusiastic, and full of energy.

Watch them work….. the original videos are sent to tourists, for no charge, and we are deeply proud. Our youth are the best.

And all of this is happening in the unique "Full Steam Ahead " program that we are running in partnership with the USAID, the American Agency for International Development.


"An embroidered journey through Akko"


Exhibition opening: Thursday, 6.13.2019, at 19:00. Curator: Rachel Zemmer

Exhibition of the works of the community artist Eitan George Horowitz who lives in Akko's British Mandate neighborhood and spends much of his time creating embroidery works on old and recycled textiles. His vision is consistent with ACAT's values ​​ and he regularly participates in the activities held at the Center.


Beauty Care Courses


End of the first cycle of beauty care courses at ACAT!!

This week 22 wonderful students received their qualifying certificates, opening the door to a future strengthened by economic independence.

We are proud to have taken part in fulfilling this dream and those to come, and are keeping our fingers crossed for their success!


A conference of CEOs of NCAT centers from around the world was held at ACAT


We are honored to host the conference of CEOs of NCAT Centers from around the world at ACAT.

Naim Obeid, ACAT's CEO welcomed our colleagues to a meeting on strategic planning and sharing best practices that will inspire new activities. Bill Strickland's vision, which sprouted more than fifty years ago in Manchester Bidwell, is growing into a corporation that will soon reach 14 centers. We are proud to be part of one global vision.

1 (9).jpg

ACAT students' photography exhibition on display in the United States


​This exhibition in the United States is the first meeting between Israeli and American students and marks the beginning of the student exchange project. It is part of the celebration of social innovation that examines the Centers for Arts and Technology (CAT) model in the United States and Akko, and how their focus on arts and technology affects the lives of the communities around them.




A-CAT ZOOM Meatings


ACAT's Zoom Meetings

A new and fun initiative for experiential zooming sessions in the beauty fields, tourism and a diverse series of lectures that we will initiate soon.

You will acquire tips and tricks on face sculpting using makeup, about manicure appliances and Gel polish, and talk about dealing with the tourism crisis ; will talk about the ways to jump-start the business and create innovative collaborations at these days. And it's all as a contribution to the community, free of charge.

Join us, it will be interesting!


Photography students are working hard for their schools


The graduate from the photography program at ACAT from Omer's school in Misgav, volunteered and took photos of their school mates to create a digital health report.

The knowledge and tools they acquired at ACAT returned as a contribution to the community, and we are very proud of them.