"An embroidered journey through Akko"

Exhibitiono opening: Thursday, 6.13.2019, at 19:00

Exhibition of the works of the community artist
Eitan George Horowitz

Horowitz lives in Akko's British Mandate neighborhood and spends much of his time creating embroidery works on old and recycled textiles. His vision is consistent with ACAT's values ​​ and he regularly participates in the activities held at the Center.

Horowitz embroiders pictures of places he loves, particularly from the Old City of Acre, and by intertwining Israeli texts and songs in them he gives them renewed meaning. Fifteen years ago he was seriously injured in a car accident that changed his life and eight years ago he left Tel Aviv for Akko, in order to engage in community involvement and activities for the benefit of coexistence. These community activities and working on coexistence projects and with special needs populations, such as creating mosaic work together, is Eitan's way of paying back his disability pension to the State.

His house has become a museum of ceramics and glass, which he receives from acquaintances and passes on to people who need them, or to joint exhibitions.

His works are greatly influenced by life in Akko and reflect the city.

Curator: Rachel Zemmer


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