A nice manicure is an indication of our personality and pace of life.  The profession’s rapid growth allows the choice in the look of nails and the techniques used on them, with building nails the pinnacle of the field. 


ACAT's nail-building course provides extensive knowledge of the practice, focusing on different methods of building, including artistic design and decoration. Classes are taught by professional teachers using high quality products, in a cutting-edge instructional setting, and under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy.


At ACAT, we work for the improvement of employment in the community in general and the empowerment of women in particular.  At our center, students learn in order to work. Courses are designed so that students acquire a quality profession in a short period of time, with the possibility of generating an income even during studies. The professional training includes learning the foundations of marketing, assistance in entering the labor market, preparation for opening a business and encouraging entrepreneurship, while expanding creative talent, creating new opportunities and paving the way to personal and economic breakthroughs.