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תערוכת "כנפיים" - אמני כפר ורדים במרכז איי-קאט


Kfar Vradim Artists Exhibition, opened in November 2019, curator: Miriam Stern

The exhibition, inspired by the concept of wings, shows the work of 23 artists from Kfar Vradim, a town in the Western Galilee. Wings have become central motifs in art and culture throughout the ages. In this exhibition, they symbolize aspiration for peace. The works in the exhibition use different materials such as painting, photography, ceramics, embroidery, crochet, plaster sculpture and recycled materials and more. The opening ceremony included a performance by the "Balance" Dance Group from Kfar Vradim and music played by the Kfar Vradim Music Conservatory ensemble. Warm reception speeches were delivered by the Mayor of Akko, the Mayor and Cultural Coordinator of Kfar Vradim and guest artists.

* From Yankele Rotblit's poem, "Seeing Far, Seeing Transparent"

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