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תערוכת "חוט ומחט" - נשות פקיעין מציגות

"Needle and Thread"


An exhibition of our youth students works,

taken during A-CAT special summer activity

Eighteen Druze women from the village of Peki'in in the Upper Galilee meet regularly on a weekly basis in an ancient house in the village to create together: they embroider, knit and thread beads and create useful art. Hardworking women, mostly religious, who work to preserve the Druze cultural heritage and unique traditional crafts. " Needle and Thread" the venture they have formed, encourages tourism in the Galilee and supports women's status and their ability to earn a living. As part of ACAT's efforts to encourage the residents of the periphery in general and to empower women in particular, we were happy to host an exhibition of their works.

Interfaith dialogue meeting - The activities that take place at ACAT have a multicultural and interfaith character, and in this context we held a meeting of dialogue among clerics from the northern region. Participants included the Pastor of the Orthodox Church, a Sheikh, the former Imam of Al-Ghazar Mosque in Acre, and  the  Deputy Secretary General of the International Bahá'í Community. They gathered on the stage of ACAT'S auditorium and spoke on the differences and similarities, the closeness and distance between the different religions and the unifying example that Acre seeks to convey to the entire world. Against the background of the complexity of life in the State of Israel, we believe that active and ongoing interfaith discourse is a key to recognition and change of perception that will promote social change in the State of Israel.

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