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Surveillance and security system installation

Leading lecturers in the field

Distinguishing and solving  technical problems

Examining the installation plan according to the building's infrastructure

A profession in demand in an innovative and technological field that is developing rapidly, with the possibility of working as an employee or independently. Many houses, businesses, and institutions are installing electronic security systems, and the demand for professionals in the field is increasing accordingly.

The program provides all the knowledge and tools necessary for a professional technician to master complex systems such as those of security cameras and alarms, smart home systems, and coders. Surveillance and security systems are usually installed in offices, private homes, and construction sites.

The program is supervised by the Ministry of Labor. Our graduates will be awarded a professional certificate.

Supervised by the Ministry of Labor

Installing smart home systems

Designing and installing security systems

Installing cameras and monitors,

IP systems, and alarms.

Requirements: personal interview, 10 years of study

Where: A-CAT Center, Akko

When: twice a week in the afternoon

Full price: NIS 5,000

Fee for participant: NIS 600, for suitable candidates

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