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To experience the movement of the camera in the cinema powerful media, to determine the size of the frame, the brightness, the shooting angle, the focus. To produce videos and to tell your own stories. If you dream of enrichment in this field – we are proud to offer you a course that encourages the creative thinking and expression skills, along with empowering personal and social experience. In our short

Film and Video Production program, we teach how to film and edit videos on a movie industry level. We practice visual language and composition, acquire technical command of the camera; learn to edit video and sound. We go out to interesting locations; use a drone to shoot and edit materials in an innovative studio equipped with computers and 4K cameras.


The students experience an interaction of different and diverse cultures, while the youth of both sectors shoot documentaries, express ideas that have grown in their native environment and transmit it to the world through the camera. The activity helps the youths to mobilize their talents and the values in which they believe for the benefit of the whole community.

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