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Professional Photography and Videography Program

Occupational integration in the industry

Up-to-date knowledge and practical skills

A program tailored for the needs of the local industries

Sponsored by A-CAT Center

The program is taught by professional and experienced instructors. It is designated for those, who are interested to work as photographers and videographers of celebrations and events. During the course the participants study the field of stills photography – they become acquainted with the camera and its operation techniques and practice outdoor and studio photography with professional guidance.


The participants learn the basics of illumination, audio recording and video and sound editing on Premiere pro. software.

Assistance in preparing a portfolio

Review of works during the whole program

Business management, communication, digital marketing skills and techniques for increasing the exposure to customers.

Requirements: personal interview

Where: A-CAT Center, Akko

When: twice a week in the afternoon

Full price: NIS 5,500

fee for participant: NIS 600, for suitable candidates

Number of meetings: 35

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