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Professional Makeup

Economic independence

Suitable for working from home

Possibility of immediate labor market integration

Bridal makeup, makeup for day and evening, makeup for camera shoots and production. Led by professional instructors while using high quality products. The programs are held in one of the cutting-edge and advanced educational environment in the field. Supervised by the Ministry of Economy and Industry.


Acquiring a profession in a minimum of time, with the possibility to start working during the studies. Led by the best instructors supervised by the Ministry of Economy and Industry. Assistance in preparation for the labor market, business development guidance, and entrepreneurship support. NICAT Aims to leverage employment rates and works to empower women economically and socially.

supervised by the Ministry of Labor

empowering  women entrepreneurship

and independence

interpersonal communication and professional ethics

Safety and first aid

Requirements: personal interview

Where: A-CAT Center, Akko

When: twice a week

Full price: NIS 5,500

Fee for participant: NIS 600 for suitable candidates

Number of meetings: 30

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