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Youth Tech Training Programs

A-CAT runs innovative programs for Arab and Jewish youth from diverse backgrounds, including at-risk, junior, and high school students, as part of formal and informal after-school hours. The programs combine technological knowledge, creative thinking, acquiring cutting-edge skills and building the confidence and social cohesion of Arab and Jewish youth in the Western Galilee. 

3D Printing




Film and Video Production 


Innovate2gether Program

A special program developed by A-CAT in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development - USAID. This was designed to cultivate a cadre of young Arab and Jewish innovators that voluntarily aid and impact their own communities while advancing conflict mitigation approaches towards building a shared society in the north, they will utilize their newly acquired innovative and creative skills to engage in community outreach that will enhance the local Arab and Jewish inter-communal ties and strengthen the population of the Western Galilee. To do so, the program will leverage innovative and creative experiences employing a people-to-people approach by bringing Arab and Jewish youth in direct contact to learn, create, design solutions and volunteer together.

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