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A-CAT, the first center of its kind in Israel, offers courses and workshops in a range of art and technology subjects, in a unique educational setting. We deliver rich and original content that motivates students to explore possibilities on a personal occupational and entrepreneurial level. The center was established to cater to the cultural mosaic that characterizes Northern Israel, Akko and the Western Galilee, providing a support system and second home to the region’s mixed community.


Our vision is to reinforce social cohesion, and to encourage personal empowerment. The learning experience at A-CAT is diverse and innovative; tailored to the needs of with a range of classes, art studies counseling and mentoring, and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience using the most technically advanced equipment At A-CAT we believe in developing the human fabric, while exposing our students to new possibilities, instilling aspiration and hope in them. We are proud to have contributed to the success of many individuals who have attended our classes and gained tools for personal development through art and technology education. In addition to youth enrichment classes, A-CAT offers vocational training for adults. Jobseekers can choose from a range of professional courses, which are accompanied by life coaching, mentoring and employment consulting sessions, designed to empower individuals and help them find suitable employment.

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 Ha-Amal 4 st., P.O.Box 2048, Akko 2451808

      www.acatcenter.org | acat@acatcenter.org  |  972-54-9857919  972-4-6803333


The center is a social hub for community and cultural activities, and a venue for conferences held by associations closely aligned with A-CAT’s values A-CAT was founded by the Northern Israel Center for Arts and Technology non-profit organization (NICAT), an extension of the USA based Manchester Bidwell Corporation (MBC). The center in Akko was established at the initiative of its chairman Mr. Mark Frank. It is the tenth center of its kind, and the first time the model has been implemented outside the USA. 


Akko was selected as the site for A–CAT’s first center in Israel because of its diverse community and peripheral location. Throughout its history, Akko has been home to many different cultures and nations. Today the city is an Israeli model for Jews and Arabs living together, with mixed social groups contributing to this environment.


The center was established in order to provide individuals living in Akko and the area an opportunity to develop personal and professional ties within the community, and to assist in the effort to improve the quality of life of communities in the Western Galilee and Northern  Israel.

Youth participated

in our art and technology programs:


Adults enrolled in our career training programs:


People we have touched (Approximate):





Events Archive


ACAT's Ambassadors volunteering


ACAT's Ambassadors volunteered with creating food packages for the needy at Garin Ometz center in Akko, in preparation for the distribution of it to the residents of the city. Believe us, each one is a champion 💪💪

And all this is happening in the unique "Full Steam Ahead" program that we are running in partnership with USAID - the American Agency for International Development.


shooting day in the makeup course


A shooting day is a sign that yet another professional makeup course has ended successfully at ACAT Center. 💄💪 Great appreciation and respect to our instructors Ella Liani and Maayan Otmazgin.


ACAT's new professional studio to serve the Zemriya


The new A-CAT's professional studio was one of the highlights at the Zimriya choir conference meeting that was this time a virtually one, due to the COVID situation. The event is taking place during the following dates; 29-30-31 in December, evenings, starting at 6 p.m.

Click on time, and watch free shows 👇



The ambassadors are hosted on the "Akud" (hogtied) movie set.


Hanita Forest, it is now a film set, and ACAT's ambassadors are documenting a shooting scene from the movie "Akud" and learn what is it like to be behind the scenes 😎 Thanks to director Itai Peretz who hosted us, and our great aspiration to Efrat Zoaretz, head of film and video production department , for taking the initiative.

And all this is happening in the unique "Full Steam Ahead" program that we are running in partnership with USAID - the American Agency for International Development


First ACAT's Ambassadors physical Meeting After to Many Zoom meetings


After many zoom meetings ... the first face to face meeting of the ACAT's ambassadors took place at the Argaman Beach in Akko!!

And all this is happening in the unique "Full Steam Ahead" program that we are running in partnership with USAID - the American Agency for International Development


The ambassadors experiencing outdoors photography


Akko in black and white. using Lighting and sunset techniques, all this took place in ACAT's ambassadors outdoors photography activities this week.





A-CAT is based on a successful model designed by Bill Strickland for building social affiliations to strengthen low income communities, empowering individuals to achieve self-fulfillment and realize a better future, a model which has been successfully implemented in the US with the purpose of tightening bonds between racial and ethnic communities.

Strickland grew up in a poor black neighborhood in Pittsburgh and was able to change the course of his life thanks to a mentor he met when he was 16 years old and on the verge of dropping out of school. Today, he is a professor at Harvard University and serves on the board of the National Endowment for the Arts

Bill’s inspiring story -- documented in his autobiography Make the Impossible Possible – demonstrates how creation of a strong learning environment, development of close bonds with young people and giving them hope makes everything possible for them.  

It costs $38,000 to keep people in penitentiaries for a year, or $13,000 to put them through my training centre. Which is the better deal?” I think we can 'get home' on this thing, and I think we can build these centers all over the country for less money we are spending on prisons, and I believe we can turn this whole story around to one of celebration and one of hope.        


Maya Lahat,
Operations Manager

An experienced manager of colleges and professional training centers, skilled in managing and training employees with ongoing professional guidance. Her Knowledge and experience are reflected in the improvement in previous positions she has held in the construction of work plans and in their implementation from the force to action. By setting an agenda, promoting projects and motivating people to meet goals. Holds a bachelor's degree from the Department of Communication and a master's degree from the Department of Statistics, University of Haifa.

Mark2020-for web-s.jpg

Mark S. Frank, President and Chairman

President and Chair of the Akko Center for Arts and Technology

(A-CAT).  In this position, Mr. Frank is the lead for all development efforts for A-CAT


  Mark is responsible for working with community non-profits and for-profit corporations to build a Center that will bring Israeli Arabs and Jews together to learn and train in a culturally inclusive, collaborative and nurturing atmosphere infused with innovation, creativity and cutting-edge technology.



Naim Obeid, CEO

Naim Obeid is a lifelong resident of Akko, Israel, Naim, a sound engineer, is the founder and owner of an acoustic design firm that owns and operates a music production and professional sound studio. 

Naim is active in many community organizations around the city.

He is a board member of the Akko Conservatory of Music and a founding member of "Keshet", an Arab/Jewish community leadership council.


In 2015 Naim joined the board of the NICAT organization and played a leading role in the process of building the A-CAT Center

In January 2016 was appointed as CEO of the A-CAT Center.


Maisaa Marzuq

Administrative Assistant

Holds a bachelor's degree in English with a specialization in management and business administration. Experienced in initiating and managing projects in the field of international relations. A representative in the JPB Program at Cambridge University in England on behalf of the United States Embassy. Also, oxford University graduate in International Entrepreneurship Management.  Now, she is a M.Sc. student in International Relations and Diplomacy Studies at the Haifa University in collaboration with the University of London.


Among her positions, a representative in multicultural projects, a translator into various languages, a finance manager assistant, and a coordinator in a program for leadership's development.


Sapir Bachar

Administrative Assistant

Sapir Bachar holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and human services. Has an experience in the fields of human resources, administration, and conference planning. Among her positions, is a research assistant in in an international project sponsored by the European Union that supports social entrepreneurship.

תמונה מירית.jpg

Mirit Strumza 

Media Manager

Mirit is an active member of various social and cultural groups promoting coexistence in Akko. She is a freelance journalist for the Yedioth Tikshoret Communications Group, and a published author. Her book “Akko – the Legend and Story” was published by the Akko Municipality. Mirit, an experienced marketing and public relations writer, is a graduate of the University of Haifa.


Tzameret Ben Shlush

Program Coordinator

Tzameret is an experienced office manager, and has held various administrative positions throughout her career. She brings experience in training, and working with government institutions. Tzameret is a graduate of the University of Haifa.

DSC_5005 copy.jpg

Abrahem Kondos

Building superintendent

After many years of working as a banker, large factory maintenance is Abrahem's second career.  He has a bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Management, a banking diploma, and has completed many banking and accounting training courses. Abrahem is also a car examiner.


Munir Kazmuz

Photography Instructor

After many years of working as a banker, large factory maintenance is Abrahem's second career.  He has a bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Management, a banking diploma, and has completed many banking and accounting training courses. Abrahem is also a car examiner.


Izhak Haime

 Photography Coordinator

A photographer and graphic designer with vast experience in youth educational programs in non-formal and special needs frameworks. A rehabilitation coach and the founder of the an employment center for special needs individuals in Kfar Galim


Igal Baum

Marketing & Media

Graduate of Visual Communication at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, has a Master's degree in Research Communication at the University of Haifa. Graphic designer and user interface designer. Igal has vast marketing experience, specializing in digital marketing. He is a researcher, lecturer and teacher in the fields of design, marketing, communication, semiotics and literacy.


Efrat Zoaretz

Head of Film and Video Production Department

Instructor and Head of the Film and Video Production Program and produces cinema. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications, and is currently completing her master's degree in Cinema and Television at Tel Aviv University.

She has previous experience as a teacher and as Head of Communications and Cinema programs in the Ministry of Education's high and junior high schools. Efrat sees the art of cinema as a tool for creating reality and inspiration.

DSC_4963 copy.jpg

Jane Cynkus, Compliance Officer

Jane’s passion and professional experience in planning and leading complex operations, project management and developing business plans was an instant fit with the vision and needs of A-CAT.

She brings vast expertise in establishing and leading groundbreaking multi-cultural projects.

At A-CAT, Jane leads cross-organizational initiatives, partnerships and resource management.